January 29th, 2008

Flightclub, new year, new look, new code!

Today we released the new version of one of our big projects from last year, Flightclub. The project was built for KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) and in its young life has already become an authority on many interesting topics related (and not so related) to travel in Europe for the Japanese market.

We were very proud of the site we released last year, but we kept wanting to get in there and make it even better. Eventually KLM gave us a little budget to go back and develop what is actually quite a substantial upgrade. It ended up taking a lot more hours than originally planned due to us getting the taste for improvements.

First thing you will notice is that the look is completely new. The great new design by Jerome, who joined the team recently. He refined the look and made the site a lot cleaner and easy to navigate as well as just getting it looking damn fine.

Flightclub screenshot

We have also made some serious updates to the backend underlying the site, and lead programmer, Alban, has been working tirelessly to set up a great structure and refine many of the things learned in the first build.

Other key updates

  • Country level navigation
  • Complete restructure of all the forms
  • Extra fields in the writing pages for location name, address/info, URL
  • Expansion of social features, such as friend feeds and comment feeds
  • RSS feeds available on just about any content search

The site is currently only in Japanese, but if you tell KLM you really want it in other languages they might give us a budget to fast-track the multilingual roll-out.

Check out Flightclub V2 and enjoy!

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