February 6th, 2008

Interesting and Surprising keywords at Flightclub … top 10

Since we launched the Flightclub website last year we have been watching the odd sources of traffic that make it to the site. One of the things we noticed early on is that we started to rank high in google and yahoo search results for some strange terms.

With the new version launch in January, we added a few tweaks to the system to try to help more of these odd search results come up more often. We are early in the process of reaping the benefits of those tweaks (some semantic tweaks to the html code and also some house secrets) but I can share a few of the interesting and surprising top search terms that we have hit so far.

This is my top 10 list with the obvious terms, such as “KLM” and “Flightclub”, removed. Because most of the results are Japanese search terms I am also including a rough translation in brackets after the word where appropriate.

Here we go :

  1. グラスゴ 地図 (Glasgow map) … this was one of the first unexpected keywords to get. We started getting results on this even before we had any articles on Glasgow.
  2. サンタマリアノッベラ (Santa Maria Novella) … Italian perfume also gets a lot of attention.
  3. シェパーズパイ (Shepard’s Pie) … everyone loves food, looks like this popular English dish is high on the list for many.
  4. レオニダス チョコ (Leonidas Chocolate) … this top Belgian chocolate brand, must be high on the shopping lists for Japanese travellers.
  5. ロンドン gallery (London gallery) … we were very happy to start getting good results here. London galleries are great and it is a very competitive search term.
  6. アムステルダム ムール貝 (Amsterdam mussels) … the first Dutch entry in the list, but mussels?
  7. キールナ (Kiruna) … searches for the town of Kiruna in Sweden seem to be focused on the Ice Hotel that the town is famous for.
  8. コルソコモ (Corso Como) … The Italian brand, Corso Como, from Milan proved popular early on.
  9. デュッセルドルフ 匠 (Düsseldorf workman) … ok, that is a kind of simple translation, but the search gets you this Japanese noodle shop in Düsseldorf. Who’d have thunk it.
  10. ランゲン 美術館 (Langen art gallery) … This is the second German entry and another tip of the hat to the art world.

That completes the list.

We have learned a lot already but looking at the results and numbers, but one of our main goals, getting a good spread of coverage in Europe, was achieved very well. The results are really all over Europe. A few trends to notice… fashion and food seem to be the most popular and that trend goes through to the posts on the site as well. Art is also well represented.

Next I try to follow up with a post about my favorite posts from Flightclub. There have been some great ones so far, so I hope to share them with you soon.

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