March 12th, 2008

Press Army : the beginning

Last night (Tuesday 11th March), we launched a new project from UltraSuperNew Inc. called Press Army. We have had it being developed in the background for some time now and it has gone through various iterations before it arrived at the point where we are ready to start letting a limited number of outsiders in.

Yesterday we started taking names for a temporarily closed Alpha.5 release. I am tempted to say Beta, but will save that for when we let everyone in. Those invites will start going out in the next day or so. If you still want an invite, please send us an email to with a little intro of who you are and we will get you hooked up.

You can check out the presentation here (although you need to excuse some of my jetlagged rambling) :

We are going to be giving follow up development discussion at each Tokyo2point0 over the next months. It is held at Fujimamas on the second Tuesday of the month… more details here :

I also want to put out a big thanks to our USN crew who put in a big effort in the last week to get the project ready. So thank you to Malo, Takaaki, Asela, Alban, Jerome, Hirofumi, Toyo, Kissen for all your programming, designing, testing. And thanks especially Malo who responsible for the main engine and has been putting up with the evolving concept and my tweaking for a few months already.

[ UPDATE : Slides are available at Slideshare ]

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