June 26th, 2008

My Dutch pimp

OK, this post is a lot less dirty than the title.

Last week, Tessa Sterkenburg, who I know through my writing for The Next Web, launched The Next Speaker, a business to manage and represent speakers talking about new media, technology, innovation or just motivational topics based in Holland.


I was very happy to have been one of the first speakers invited to join, and my focus is on asian new media and technology (specifically Japanese) and online branding. You can find my intro page on the site, but you will need to read Dutch for now (Tessa tells me there is an English version on the way as soon as everything is rolling).

The site is mainly promoting speakers within Holland, so I hope to be back in The Netherlands soon to pick up some speaking engagements through The Next Speaker. Before you ask, no, I don’t speak Dutch, but the good people of Holland seem to not mind me presenting in English, so I think I am safe.

My last speaking gig in Holland was in Utrecht earlier this year for the kickoff to the Dutch Game Jam, where my business partner and I together gave participants an entertaining presentation about Japanese gaming culture to prepare them for developing games for Japanese mobile phones. That was a ton of fun, so I am looking forward to being back again some time soon.

To book me as a speaker in Holland or the rest of Europe, please contact Tessa.

For Japan and the rest of the world, its probably better to contact me directly at :  mike [at] ultrasupernew [dot] com

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