July 22nd, 2008

WordPress from iPhone

Wordpress on IPhoneI have held off until now about writing about anything related to the iPhone on this blog. So many people have written so much that I didn’t think another post was necessary.

However, I feel compelled to write this one just because using it encourages me to write about it.
I am writing my first post from my iPhone, so it is an appropriate time to make a mini review of the new WordPress app for iPhone.

The WordPress app is an application for writing posts to your WordPress blog while on the go from your iPhone. It let’s you save your login name and password then you can get started editing or writing posts.

The good

The application was extremely easy to set up and configure. That was done in less than 1 minute after launching for the first time.

Composing a post was also very easy to get going with key fields just as you are used to in your regular wordpress interface.

Typing is as easy as using the iPhone keypad, which is easy for some, not so easy for others. For me it’s the fastest mobile input I have used.

Photos can be added directly from the phone by choosing from your photo library or taking a photo directly with the camera.

The bad

The first time I tested a post I saved a draft and tried previewing the post only to find that the system published a blank post live to my blog. Not exactly what was expected when previewing a draft.

Some of the things you can’t do include formating text with a WYSIWYG editor (although you can directly type HTML inthe post), anything involving special content in your blog and setting the position or size of your images.

Plugins that I miss include the Twitter one that auto-tweets when you publish and the Youtube widget. But both are not deal killers.

The other tricky thing with composing on the iPhone is the lack of copy-paste. This is not a limitation of the app but of the phone. It makes it pretty hard to link text in your post as many links are too long to type.

The conclusion

This is clearly going to be a great app for blogging live events… Expect to see a lot more live blogging of the next Stevenote than we already get. A quick release “take photo and blog it” workflow is going to be great for a lot of people.

You won’t stop using your regular wordpress interface but this will be a good one for getting those little posts out quickly on the run.

Now… Let’s see how this looks when I publish it.

(Note: this post was composed entirely on the iPhone app)
(Note2: the images seem to get dumped at the end of the post)

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  1. Mike Sheetal said at 12:44 am on July 23rd, 2008:

    I noticed that my writing style changed without me noticing to become constructed with much shorter paragraphs… interesting.

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