November 30th, 2009

[KitKat] Cookie Plus, Kinako Ohagi, Ginger Ale

UPDATE : I have since launched a website called Hit Flavor which features Kit Kat flavors and many more.

One post on Kit Kat flavours in Japan was just not enough, so I have come back with a sequel. These are some more flavours I have come across in the last couple of months since the previous post.

Cookie Plus


OK, lets start with the simple one, Cookie Plus. It wasn’t enough for Kit Kat to have just cookie flavour like your favourite ice cream might do, they have gone with the “plus”. The main chocolate part is pretty much jam packed with cookie flavouring, so you have the cookie flavour from the soft chocolate, then you get a crunch hit from a base layer of supposed cookie pieces. My suspicion is that they are just crunch assisting particles of some kind with no relation to actual cookie.

Kinako Ohagi Flavour


This one requires some familiarity with Japanese sweets to know where they are heading. For the uninitiated kinako is a soybean flour that gets dusted over some types of Japanese sweets. Not particularly sweet itself and it really needs a kick from something else to taste any good. Ohagi is a red bean paste that is one of the more common ingredients in Japanese sweets. This one does have some sweetness to it but not too much by western standards. The result of this combination … they do a pretty decent job (but not perfect) of getting these flavours packed into a small Kit Kat.

Ginger Ale


OK, best for last. Ginger Ale in a Kit Kat. As with the Ume Soda, they managed to pack in a nice little zing to mimic the bubbles in the drink. The ginger flavour in a white chocolate I actually quite liked. This is just one of those combinations that you go back and check it out again, since its two things that just don’t belong together, but somehow work.

To see the previous flavours, check out The taste of Japan.

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