February 5th, 2010

Doraemon takes over the App Store in Japan

Visitors to the Japanese App Store on iTunes today were greeted with an array of character parts that an astute eye could recognise as the cartoon character, Doraemon. Yahoo Japan (who has strong connections with Softbank, the carrier who has iPhone in the Japanese market) has released a selection of Doraemon themed Apps that have managed to take out positions 1 through 16 on the top Free Apps page.

The Apps themselves range from App versions of classic Doraemon comics to utilities and games. Below you can see a couple of screenshots of two utilities. A batery utility tells you how much time you have left of use of the common functions of the phone. A simple calculator simply has a Doraemon theme.

Doraemon is one of the best known and beloved characters in Japan, with children across the country growing up on his antics for generations, so it is not such a prize that the Apps are popular. I am not sure if Yahoo were trying to achieve this, but the result is quite a coup.

All 16 top places from the one company has to be a first. Has any other country had such dominance in their App store?

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