July 19th, 2008

Top 10 Japanese Blog Widgets (Blog Parts)


One of the things that has long amazed me about Japanese blogs is the use of blog widgets or “blog parts” as they are referred to in Japanese. Blog widgets are small snippets of code you can insert into your blog to create fun, interesting, useful or just plain strange tools into your blog pages. […]

July 13th, 2008

Ghosts in the SNS machine


Recently we, as a collective internet populace, have become very good at republishing our comments, images, and other life streaming features to multiple platforms. Our status updates are the most common, with Twitter (and for the early adopters, FriendFeed) being the easiest and most common to republish elsewhere. Some of the common places to push […]

June 26th, 2008

My Dutch pimp


OK, this post is a lot less dirty than the title. Last week, Tessa Sterkenburg, who I know through my writing for The Next Web, launched The Next Speaker, a business to manage and represent speakers talking about new media, technology, innovation or just motivational topics based in Holland. I was very happy to have […]

May 7th, 2008

Distributed Tweets on the brain


Now that Twitter has hit Japan in Japanese, and as I wait for the first official word about how that is going for the good people at Twitter Japan, I have been putting my mind to the future of Micro-blogging and more importantly, how important is Twitter in that picture. There have been a lot […]

April 25th, 2008

Twitter Tweets in Japanese

Twitter in Japanese

I posted a story on Wednesday about the new Japanese version of Twitter over at The Next Web.
Of course you can always follow me on Twitter with @mikesheetal

April 23rd, 2008

Dutch-Japan GameJam winner decided

waterpower character

I spent Tuesday evening at the Dutch Embassy to sit on the final jury for the Dutch-Japan GameJam. I was in good company with representatives from Cell, Taito and the Dutch Embassy in Japan joining me on the jury. This was the second jury stage of the GameJam, with the first being back in March, […]

April 23rd, 2008

Pimping The Puppets


In Japan, advertising for music involves grabbing the biggest truck that will fit down the main streets in Shibuya and covering it with a huge backlit billboards or line it with oversized flatscreen TV screens. The only way we could think to combat that was to get two guys in gorilla suits to ride a tandem bicycle waving signs to promote The Last Shadow Puppets through the middle of one of the busiest shopping areas in Tokyo.

April 21st, 2008

The three stages of relevance and why the social web is broken


I have been wanting to do this story for a while based on my experiences of working with social media and trying to make sense of the growth and subsequent abandonment of many social networks. It seems it is every month that we have another star social network, social web concept, or interaction model. Right […]

April 7th, 2008

Pecha Kucha Night Tokyo hits #50!


Back on Wednesday 26th March it was the big 50th event for Pecha Kucha Night Tokyo and I was very happy to be invited by Mark Dytham to make one of the presentations. I gave a bit of a rundown on the Salaryman Sato campaign we put together last year. It was great to get […]

April 7th, 2008

Sneak a peak at USN’s bookmarks

I have been a little bit off the blogging for the last couple of weeks with a busy schedule. Never fear though, we have lots of new things happening at UltraSuperNew Inc. Freshly added to our website is the new Bookmarks page. The page shows our latest links, images and videos pulled off the web. […]