December 20th, 2009

Star Wars Re-Boom

I wouldn’t call myself a Star Wars geek, since I really don’t live and breathe this stuff like many others do, but I have a warm place in my heart for the original Star Wars Films, since they formed part of my upbringing.

I have been enjoying a little personal re-boom (that boom that comes as an after the initial boom) on Star Wars humor and culture. It seems the initial malaise and disappointment with the prequels has given way to a wealth of fresh Star Wars humor on the internet and I have been enjoying some. We have moved past the days of Troops and Star Wars Kid and have a whole new crop to check out.

For people who never grew up on Star Wars, these will be kind of wasted on you, but for the rest of us who grew up on the teat of the Empire and the Rebellion, here are some of the good ones I have found recently :

1) Star Wars Hoodies

For the street-wise Star Wars fan, these special edition hoodies from Mark Echo seem to be what you should be looking for…

2) Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review

About 70 minutes of straight for the jugular criticism of the first film of the prequels, The Phantom Menace. These even have a nice sub plot tied in … and a dry, dry , dry sense of humor. Try the first part here and see how you go. All 7 parts are in the playlist embedded below.


3) Patton Oswalt – At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel

If you have your hatred for George Lucas built up from the Phantom Menace review, you are probably ready for a dose of Patton Oswalt. This dates back a year or so, but seems to be doing the rounds again.

4) Yoshitoku’s Darth Vader samurai display armour

Some of you probably already know that Darth Vader’s suit was originally designed based on traditional Samurai armour. We now that has come full circle, Japanese traditional doll maker, Yoshitoku, has made a special Star Wars edition of Darth Vader (and a Strom Trooper) and Samurai hybrid. The result has proved very popular and quickly sold out the limited edition collectors series. A few different versions were available at up to almost US$4000.

5) Tokyo Dance Trooper

Last but not least, the continuing adventures of Danny Choo as Tokyo Dance Trooper. Danny broke out his authentic looking Storm Trooper outfit for a few dance performances in public back in 2007 and has since turned it into a bit of a franchise, turning up at every even slightly tech or costume based event in Tokyo. The stunt never seems to cease to be fun and playful and get people smiling, so keep it up Danny.

check out the Youtube channel for more.

Did I miss anything? If you know any more cool Star Wars stuff made recently, let me know in the comments.

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