September 7th, 2010

Red Bull BCOne time!

This past week has been a busy one at USN as we have launched all the activities around the Red Bull BCOne (breakdancing championship) set for Tokyo in November this year.

This is probably the biggest cross media campaign I have creative directed to date, and we are all super happy with the results, so let me list all the things out there for you.


We started work on this back at the end of last year and in the last week it has been on TV, in Cinema and at Shibuya’s super packed Scramble Crossing. It is even doing the rounds on 10,000 screens in Karaoke rooms across Japan.

Here is the 30 second version…

And the English long play 2 minute version…

The Japanese 2 minute version is here.

Red Bull BCOne website

This is one of several websites we launched today (7th Sept). Big ups to our designers and web team here who did a great job putting this together.

Red Bull Check One

This one was put together quite quickly but we are really proud of it. It came out of a simple idea to utilize location based mechanics for a small focussed area campaign around the Red Bull BC One event. Players can use their mobile phones and the GPS function to perform break moves around key locations in the Shibuya / Harajuku area of Tokyo. You can unlock different moves and the move unique moves performed in any area will give more points.

Winners of this game will get a bunch of prizes, including the hard to come by tickets for the event itself.

Convenience Store Campaign

And the last way you can get tickets for the event is in the nationwide campaign that is currently running in convenience stores around Japan. Enter the code from any one of 3,500,000 cans and you can win tickets and other prizes.

… and thats just the start.

More coming in the leadup and a lot more planned for the event itself. Our extended family team who has been working on Red Bull related activities is approaching 40 people!

Can’t wait for the event.

Red Bull BCOne Tokyo Website (Japanese)

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