October 8th, 2010

The Genius of the Crap Logo from Gap

Yesterday news flooded the interwebs about the really crap new logo from Gap. They launched the new logo on their website and let the world know… mostly via social media.

Along with the website logo change, a website popped up that let you make your own version of the Crap Logo, and it seems despite stating the opposite at the bottom of the site, it is certainly very much related to viral agency, The Barbarian Group.

I was even sucked in to the madness and fell prey to posting my comments on Facebook, stiring up quite a conversation.

… To everyone over at the marketing department of Gap… all I can say is… hats off to you. Brilliant.

Anyone close to a Gap store, have a look… is the logo changed? My guess is no. How many international companies the size of Gap don’t make a big splash in a brand change rolling out the new look in as many key locations as possible for the big news push?

Which cheap mass produced clothing store have you discussed most over the last 24 hours?

Now they are asking for user submissions of new logos… this is a total set up… and I think its genius!

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