Hi, Mike Sheetal here.

I am the Founder/CEO of Tokyo based game marketing company, and my passion, PlayBrain Inc.

I spend a lot of my time developing PlayBrain’s approach to marketing which I call “Frictionless Marketing”. It uses marketing techniques that deliver experiences for people to engage with rather than interrupting those experiences the way traditional advertising does. As part of that, I have also been working with my team on DEKKI, a platform to deliver Frictionless experiences for games such as community, strategy builders and esports.

Originally from Australia with a background in design and technology, I have been living and working in Japan since 2002.

In Australia I was studio manager for Madcap Studios from 1998 until 2002. It was the motion capture studio for Sydney based games developer, Brilliant Digital Entertainment. During that time I completed in-house titles for Superman, Xena Warrior Princess, Ace Ventura, Kiss and many more. I also had the chance to work on projects for TV Commercials (including major Japanese production for Toyota), other games (such as Tomb Raider) and research projects.

After arriving in Japan in search of more adventure, I first had an opportunity to work in television for a weekly music show called “Music Tide”. From there I joined a local digital agency, Cyber Media, as Head of Creative Development, before launching my own creative agency, UltraSuperNew, in 2007. UltraSuperNew grew over the years based on strong grass roots youth marketing and great client collaborations with Red Bull, Heineken, Adobe and more.

During the same period I developed the initial model for Press Army (later rebranded as Lenz), a social media analytics tool specializing in cross language sentiment analysis. In 2009, the project was established as a stand alone company and began providing social media analytics services to clients, before being acquired by UltraSuperNew in 2011.

In 2016, I sold UltraSuperNew in order to focus entirely on gaming and a scaleable marketing business, and PlayBrain Inc was born.

Some of my other significant experiences included studying Design focussing on theatre and film design at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) and AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School). I am also a self taught programmer and developed my own VJ Software in 2000 to do live visual performance with musicians and artists.


  • 2016 – LevelUp Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Panel moderator “The Value of an Intellectual Property”.
  • 2015 – Mentor for Game Founders game incubator in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
  • 2013 – Cannes Lions Festival, France – Presenter for Independent Agency Showcase
  • 2009 – Adtech Tokyo panelist – “Data Sharing Building Brand/Agency Trust”
  • 2008 – Guest speaker and judge for Game Jam in Utrecht, The Netherlands.