Mike Sheetal is Founder/Director of Tokyo based interactive creative agency, UltraSuperNew Inc.


Originally from Australia with a background in design, Mike has been living in Japan since 2002, working first in television and later held the position of Head of Creative Development for a local Tokyo agency.

UltraSuperNew Inc.In 2007, Mike established digitally focussed creative agency, UltraSuperNew Inc, with business partner, Marc Wesseling, where they have been working primarily with engagement media, online and offline.

pressarmyIn 2008, Mike developed the initial model for Press Army, a social media analytics tool specialising in cross language analysis and just being easy to understand. In 2009, the project was established as a company and began providing social media analytics services to clients.

In 2009, Mike also launched a project called Retweetist, which studies what people are retweeting on Twitter to monitor trending topics. The project has been widely reported on and featured in more than 500 blog posts (including Techcrunch) and of course thousands of tweets.

Other interests include being part owner of Pecha Kucha (for which USN also develop the online platform) and Samurai.fm (an online radio station).

Previously Mike studied Design focussing on theatre and film design in Sydney, and spent 4 years managing Sydney based motion capture studio, Madap Studios, during which time he created animation for TVCs, games and film.

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